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Saturday, 09 November 2013 17:22

Attaching Supporting Documentation

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Our clients will often have the need to attach supporting documentation to transactions within Dynamics GP.  These might be for odd / correcting entries, entries required by auditors, or large dollar value entries.  Further, it is good practice to attach supporting documentation for transactions if possible.

To attach supporting documentation to a transaction within GP, select the yellow paper icon beside the transaction number within the entry window for that transaction.  This icon is also available within master data setup widows & essentially every other window within GP.  Once within this window, select the paperclip icon at the bottom of the window (Note:  Your system admin may have to enable this functionality to have this icon appear).  This will open a new OLE Container window wherein one can select Edit > Insert New Object.  From here, the process is as simple as selecting the file & clicking Attach within the note window.

WebSan has found this feature very helpful to our clients whenever they need to track down the supporting documentation for a transaction.  As transactions move throughout there life-cycle in Dynamics GP, they will maintain the supporting documents attached to them, making audits a breeze.

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