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Client Testimonials

Jay Klein, Founder and CEO, The PUR Company

Kevin Higgins, President, DoubleDigit Sales

WebSan Consolidates Islands of Data into Cloud Dynamics GP

The Challenge:

DoubleDigit Sales (formerly Fusion Learning Inc.), a leading provider of Strategic Sales Training services to Clients throughout North America, was faced with numerous manual spreadsheets and reports to track project profitability and collect time and expenses. This led to extended month-end processing and duplication of work.

The Solution:

WebSan implemented their Cloud Dynamics GP solution for Professional Services organizations, which included Dynamics GP Project Accounting linked to a web-based fully-integrated time and expense portal. The reporting available from Dynamics GP, combined with the 24/7 uptime availability of Dynamics GP and the portal, has transformed DoubleDigit Sales' back-office into a streamlined machine! Information is readily available, with instant drill-down capabilities into Project Profitability. The Time and Expense portal's simple-to-use-interface ensures that all employees track their time and expenses accurately and management isn't wasting time "chasing" the project managers for reports.

The testimonial video from Kevin Higgins, President of DoubleDigit Sales, can be viewed above.

Confectionery company chooses Microsoft 365 to keep pace with growth


Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, The PUR Company was founded in 2010 with the deceptively straightforward goal of providing simple substitutions for chemical sweeteners without compromising taste or quality. As the company grew, so did concerns over data security, remote collaboration, and mobile device management. PUR chose Microsoft 365 to help it keep pace with its rapid growth and delectables-driven success.

Like most startups, PUR needed to channel its energies into growing the brand. Thoughts surrounding data security, device management, and collaboration across continents were a distant second to the survival of the business.


As the business grew, so did its needs. With growth came the reality of employee onboarding and retention. Security threats from phishing and other malicious acts began to rear their heads. Employees in separate continents needed more secure, immediate, and reliable collaboration and communication channels.

Cook and her colleagues saw the need to modernize; but without a dedicated IT department, the prospect of implementing sweeping change for their company was daunting. They needed a solution that didn’t require onsite maintenance, one that could grow at the pace of their business and offered the collaboration, mobility, and security capabilities that employees required—out of the box. PUR found the answer to all these needs in Microsoft 365, a comprehensive solution that includes Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Windows 10.


While the improvements The PUR Company has made in communication, security, mobility, and insights have been substantial, Cook sees the human impact as the company’s greatest achievement. “From a quality of life standpoint, and from the business-minded viewpoint of employee retention rates, we know our employees feel like they’re more part of the team now, like they’re family,” says Cook. “That means a lot to us.

- Cerys Cook, Vice President of People and Culture


The testimonial video from Jay Klein, Founder and CEO of The PUR Company, can be viewed above. To view the full case study, click here:

Can you implement Dynamics 365 Business Central on your own? hear from one of our customers!



Andrew King, Managing Director at WebSan Solutions, sits down with Sunil Kumar, Founder of The Amazing Chickpea and discusses his experience trying to implement Business Central and working with WebSan.




Nexeo Staffing is a proven leader in simplifying business through complete HR solutions. They processed several thousand checks a month and found that reconciling their bank accounts manually was quite the challenge.


“WebSan set up the Electronic Reconcile feature for us. This was very helpful in speeding up our process.”

“We were under a time constraint, as we were trying to close the month with several new high-volume bank accounts. We requested the project be done as quickly as possible to get close done on schedule. Julio delivered quick results that helped our process a lot.”

“WebSan set us up with Great Plains earlier this year and has been a good partner for any needs we have had.”


- Peter Morrison, Accounting Manager, Nexeo Staffing

Websan efficiently moves Bordner Installation Group from on-premise to the cloud

The challenge

A couple of years ago, Bordner Installation wanted to move off their GP Server and transition to the cloud.

The Solution.

"I researched several providers and chose WebSan after speaking with a couple of their clients, who were extremely pleased with WebSan. Andrew King, Managing Director, WebSan Solutions Inc, seemed to know exactly what we needed and how to get it done."

"WebSan made the conversion from our server version of GP to their cloud servers very easy and were available the entire time. Not only do we save money by not having to maintain our own equipment, we also do not have to pay for a backup solution. We do not have to worry about connectivity for backup solutions or even review the success or failure of backups. Even when backups worked, we could still lose a days worth of data if our system crashed before the nightly backup."

"Since WebSan is in the cloud, we have remote users and do not have to maintain our own Domain Controllers or VPN access. I estimate that we are saving over $1000 per month. This includes not having to buy, configure, and maintain our own equipment as well as my time to oversee that equipment."

- Charles Fleenor, Vice President, Border Installation Group



"We are a leading Canada-based financial services firm. We approached Websan because they host a proven CRM application in Microsoft Dynamics; they have security in mind, and have a very competitive pricing model and allow 1+ users. I really like the excellent response & communication from the Websan team. It's been 10 out of 10 customer service. I also really appreciate their Websan University as a learning environment. I have found the experience refreshing as they truly do care about their customers. I would recommend Websan to those that want a hosted MS Dynamics solution and service & responsiveness are important to them."

- David Grice, Business Technology Consultant

WebSan offers outstanding Dynamics GP Hosting Services

Rainwave, a US company offering precipitation monitoring systems, confirms they made the right choice by selecting WebSan as their hosting provider:

"We chose WebSan as our Dynamics GP hosting provider several years ago after consulting with several providers. While working with WebSan, they proved to be incredibly responsive experts in their field. They were always easy to reach when we needed them. We never had any downtime and access to our Dynamics GP environment was simple and straightforward from anywhere, anytime. This proved to be a huge asset. We recently sold our company and WebSan played a critical role in the due diligence process and sale. We never had to make a large investment in software and when the sale was complete, they simply provided us a copy of our database. WebSan is a great company to work with for Dynamics GP hosting services, and I would recommend them to anyone in the U.S. or Canada!"

- Christina Pick, Owner, Rainwave

WebSan effectively integrates Cloud Dynamics GP to a POS retail system

The Challenge:

A nationally recognized grocery chain needed a rapidly deployed Cloud Dynamics GP solution, integrated to an online Point of Sale retail system for a new start-up division.

The Solution:

WebSan setup and deployed the Cloud Dynamics GP solution in under 3 weeks and successfully created a simple integration to the Client's POS system. The integration seamlessly handles thousands of transactions a week with minimal human intervention.

"I have received great service from professional people who know what they are talking about. WebSan is always there when we need them and has been a great partner to our growing company."

- Linda Burke, Controller

Microsoft Dynamics GP replaces an antiquated accounting system

A Toronto-based, North-American Security Services company has been a WebSan customer for the past year. When they first came on board, they had outgrown their existing Accounting system and needed help migrating to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The Solution:

WebSan rapidly migrated them off of their legacy accounting system onto Microsoft Dynamics GP in a matter of weeks. The general ledger was redesigned with growth in mind and current financial reports are available with just a few clicks of the mouse, vs. manually generated in the past. Payroll was reduced from a multiple-day effort, to a matter of hours, and the new system accommodates growth for years to come.

"We relied on WebSan to move us off of our antiquated accounting system, which they did in record time. Their commitment to service is un-paralleled. I rest easy at night knowing that they're always there for us and have come through at all hours to make sure that our needs are met."

- Rosa Doris, Controller

Additional Testimonials

Cash 4 You is a leading retail financial services provider offering payday loans, cheque cashing and Western Union services. Due to the growth of the business and its existing 20 store locations, the Cash 4 You finance team was spending 4 hours per day reconciling the bank account (1 for each store) and dealing with exceptions and discrepancies between the Point of Sale (POS) system, the bank, and Quickbooks. WebSan was hired by Cash 4 You to replace Quickbooks with Dynamics GP, along with implementing an electronic bank reconciliation tool which would aim to achieve an automated 90% matching rate for the bank, Western Union and Interac transactions in GP with the existing Point of Sale system. WebSan custom developed an application within GP that actually has achieved 99.5% matching and has reduced the time that the finance team spends reconciling bank accounts down to a total of under 10 minutes per day.

"Cash 4 You has doubled the size of our business since working with WebSan on back-office systems. We are now over 40 store locations and have yet to add headcount in the Finance department related to bank functions. Without WebSan and their expertise with Dynamics GP and relentless focus on improving our business, we would never have been able to grow as efficiently as we have." states Amir Mahmoudzadeh, Executive Vice-President.

WebSan is currently working with Cash 4 You to expand the capabilities of Dynamics GP through SQL reporting services and further improvements to the bank reconciliation module.

- Amir Mahmoudzadeh, Cash for you

"I cannot tell you what a relief it is to find a professional firm like WebSan to handle our small enterprise where 'chaos' is our middle name. My father and I, we have a family business, have been searching for the right solution for years now, and after meeting you and the way you had patiently shown us a comprehensive diagnostic and demonstration of the level of efficiency we could potentially achieve through your solution, for the first time we were sold as a team! It's not easy to decide and invest a large sum of monies on infrastructure without being 100% certain of the product, the host, and provider. WebSan has certainly made our uncertainties disappear. "

- Elesh Parujanwala, En Kay Industrial Supplies Inc.

"I just wanted to take a moment to bring to your attention how great Stacey is and has been for us, specifically as of late when we transitioned to the new Dynamics UI.
She has gone out of her way to attend to us, check in with us, and has worked late and gotten up early to ensure we’re experiencing as few hiccups as possible. Truly grateful we have her working with us."

- Tom Crisp, Service Manager, Avante Security