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Wednesday, 04 June 2014 15:30

The 5 Best Dynamics GP YouTube Videos

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Top Dynamics GP YouTube Videos

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By: Natalie Williams, Marketing Coordinator, WebSan Solutions Inc., Canadian Silver Certified Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner


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Wednesday, 28 May 2014 19:03

Ah, Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday.

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For most, it is a day of thrills and excitement *eye roll*. For system administrators, it is a day of skepticism and uncertainty. It reminds me of an old adage you may be familiar with, “When a door closes, five windows break”.

Microsoft released an update for Remote Desktop Connection (8.1) back in February (KB2830477) to introduce new (native) features from Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 to computers running Windows 7 SP1. There were a few issues that stemmed from the release, including the inability to use smartcard and smartcard devices in RDP sessions. One issue that directly affected our clients was the inability to launch RDP packages from our remote desktop websites. Users could click an application icon, but the packages would not run.

One solution is to uninstall the update (KB2830477) from the respective user’s workstation, thereby reverting back to the original RDP client version. However, this did not resolve the issue for all of our client users. Interestingly, we had a mix of users within the same client organization that either had or did not encounter the issue.

After some extensive debugging, a second solution was found that requires a change to the registry on the user’s workstation. These steps are outlined below:

*Note: Serious issues can occur if registry changes are made incorrectly. Have your system administrator make the required changes, if needed.

1. Open regedit (Click Start -> Run.., then type regedit and hit enter)

2. Navigate to
right-click on the ‘win64’ key and select ‘Permissions’.

3. Click the ‘Advanced’ button, then click on the ‘Owner’ tab and change the ownership to your current user.

4. Return to the permissions window and assign the ‘Read’ permission to “Everyone”.

Once these steps were completed, the RDP packages ran for any users encountering the issue. Now let’s just hope our update for the update does not have us spiralling out of control.

Brandon Germaine is an Application Specialist at WebSan Solutions Inc, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Silver Partner 2013 Canadian Channel Elite Awards Winner. Brandon can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 416-499-1235 ext 219.

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Have you ever attended a meeting, training session or webinar and left with unanswered questions? Did you feel there were all these little details that you wanted to learn about but time was running out?

This June WebSan Solutions is hosting a special user focused Q&A Webinar, where Andrew King, Managing Director will answer any questions about Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The following examples can give you an idea about things you can ask about: consult

  • My aged trial balance with options-detail report is off by one penny. How can I balance this account?
  • Is it possible to export our inventory items with list price using the Standard SmartLists, or is there another way to see List Prices for items?

Click here to Submit Your Questions

We will collect all the questions and try to answer as many as possible on June 12, 2014 at 11 am EST in our hourly webinar. WebSan Solutions Inc. is a Microsoft Dynamics GP Certified Partner located in Toronto, with over a decade of experience in implementing projects for small and medium sized businesses.

Doriana Kote, Web Marketing Coordinator, WebSan Solutions Inc., a Channel Elite Awards Winner for 2013

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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is scheduled to be released soon, so if you haven’t already upgraded to Dynamics GP 2013, here’s your chance!

Other than report fixes in Dynamics GP 2013 R2, there are much more features that you can look out for! Some of the new features to be released include:

Being able to paste a general ledger entry from an Excel spreadsheet, default sort order for cheques and reprinting outstanding transactions in bank reconciliation.

Leslie Vail explains how to paste a GL entry from Excel: “It’s simple to set up and simple to do. First, your journal entry distributions need to be entered as below on a spreadsheet. Next, highlight the information you want to put into your journal entry, and then put your cursor on the first line of your journal entry. Finally, push the [Post] button and your distributions will populate the journal entry.”

Microsoft said it will space its Dynamics GP updates roughly six months apart in a cycle that is "designed to enhance our new business proposition and bring incremental value to [Business Ready Enhancement Plan] customers on a much more regular basis."

To read about more Dynamics 2013 R2 features, click here.



Natalie Williams, Marketing Manager, WebSan Solutions

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When a Manufacturing Order (MO) receipt posting is interrupted, it will not allow a user to receive the MO again. If this occurs, one should first check the MO variance (Inquiry > Manufacturing > Order Variance) window within Dynamics GP. The MO variance is always a good indication as to what happened to the goods. If the MO variance has zero quantities or dollars in the consumed column, one would assume they may receive the MO.

Manufacturing Order Variance


If Dynamics GP provides an error informing the user that units are not available to be received when attempting to receive the MO, one should check the database. To do this, run the following SQL statement:

select * from MOP1000 where MANUFACTUREORDER_I = 'MO number'

Check if there are quantities in the QTYRECVD and QTYSOLD columns. Since posting is interrupted, it may have created values in the QTYRECD column and hence the MO cannot be received.

Update the MOP1000 table and set the QTYRECVD back to zero. This will allow you to receive the MO.

Katrina She, CMA, Application Specialist, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Have you considered getting additional users for Microsoft Dynamics GP? Now it's your chance to purchase new licenses. Microsoft has recently made an announcement about increasing Microsoft Dynamics GP user prices across versions and licensing models effective July 1, 2014. So, if you think that you will need more Dynamics GP users in the next 6 to 12 months, we suggest this is the right time to buy those licenses before the prices go up.

The additional charge will not impact the enhancement plan cost of users you have licensed prior to 1 July 2014, subject to the Customer Services and Support Plan Policy.

WebSan Solutions offers a simplified pricing plan for Microsoft Dynamics GP for $250/ user/ month, including all GP modules:

• General Ledger
• Accounts Receivable/ Accounts Payable
• Management Reporter
• Electronic Bank Reconciliation
• Fixed Assets
• Sales Order Processing and Invoicing
• Inventory Management
• Purchase Order Processing
• Project Accounting
• Payroll (US or Canada)
• Human Resources
• Manufacturing

The price also includes training and other useful features such as multicurrency management and multiple companies. Get an instant quote and find out more details about WebSan's pricing plan.

Doriana Kote, Web Marketing Coordinator, WebSan Solutions Inc., a Channel Elite Awards Winner for 2013

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The US Court announced recently that all European Hosting Providers are obliged to hand over ALL their data to the US government. According to US Magistrates court judge James C. Francis, internet and cloud companies must turn over all information to US government agencies on demand, regardless of where the data is held.

This means that even if you use a European Provider to host your services, the law might still apply to your case if the provider's data centers are located in the USA. You can read the full article here.

After the NSA revelations and their surveillance activities, this announcement adds an an additional concern for those companies in the European Union that consider working with a US hosting provider or anyone in their country that utilizes US data centers.

The good news is that Canada is not affected by this announcement and you can securely choose a Canadian cloud hosting provider, without worrying about leaking your confidential information.

WebSan Solutions can help you by offering Dynamics GP Hosting Services through our Partner Program. Also, if you are a Microsoft Partner and only offer Dynamics GP on-premise, we can help you serve new clients efficiently. Plus, WebSan offers you peace of mind by hosting your data securely in our SAS70/SSAE16 certified data centre in Toronto, Canada.

Join our webinar on May 15, 12 pm EST and learn more information about our Microsoft Dynamics GP hosting services and how we can help close the gap between you and your clients.

Doriana Kote, Web Marketing Coordinator, WebSan Solutions Inc., a Channel Elite Awards Winner for 2013

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New fixed assets are often added manually to the fixed assets module. This relies on users to remember to check if new assets are purchased. In Dynamics GP, there is a setup to link the purchase of new assets to the fixed asset module. The setup required is to input the Purchasing Posting Accounts. After the accounts are setup, Accounts Payable will enter their invoices as per the usual procedure and select the general ledger account that is used in the Purchasing Posting Accounts. Once the payables are entered, the purchases will show up in the fixed assets module. The fixed assets accountant will select the purchases and update the fixed asset's information. The fixed assets accountant will never need to remember to add in new assets manually. This eliminates the errors when new fixed assets are purchased but never inputted into the fixed assets module creating an imbalance of the GL versus the fixed assets subledger.

fixed assets

For more information on how to setup the Purchasing Posting Accounts, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Katrina She, CMA, Application Specialist ,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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WebSan Solutions has launched the Project Accounting Webinar Series, aiming to take your skills to the next level, whether you are a total beginner or an advanced user in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Why do you need Project Accounting?

By taking an ordered and logical approach to your project accounting and training methods, you will be able to cut financial costs to your overall business activity.

Also, through logical project accounting and fundamental organisation techniques, you will be able to quickly see a marked improvement in expenditure and customer satisfaction.

Each month our Project Accounting Webinar Series will cover one of the following topics:

• Setup and Key Concepts
• Budgeting and Costs
• Transactions
• Inquiries and Reporting
• Billing
• Posting Setup and Control
• Revenue Recognition

Most importantly, these webinars are FREE so everyone can join us on this training journey.

Don't miss this month Part  2– Budgeting and Costs on April 24, 11 am - 12 pm EST.
Coming Next – Project Accounting Transactions

Published in Dynamics GP
Monday, 17 March 2014 10:00

Tracing Transactions Account Entries

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A common issue in Dynamics GP processing is determining whether transactions originating in your sub-ledger (Sales/Purchasing Modules) have actually created a subsequent Journal Entry in financials for the specified distributions.  Clients often will post a transaction in purchasing not belonging to a batch and assume it has posted to their General Ledger. Since transactions are only posted through to the GL when belonging to a batch that has been posted, confusion often follows as to whether the correct accounts have been posted to. Perform the following steps to help reconcile and trace transaction account entries.

1) Depending on the transaction (Sales or Purchasing) document, navigate to the appropriate module in GP. For this example we will use the Sales Module

2) Upon entering the Sales module, select the Transaction by Customer option to open the Receivables Transaction Inquiry – Customer window as shown below:

Receivables Transaction Inquiry - Customer








3) Enter the Customer ID for the transaction which will bring up a listing of all transactions for the customer. Alternatively, you can then filter for a specific document number to narrow down your search results:

Receivables Transaction Inquiry - Customer 2











4) Once you find the document in question, select the document line such that it is highlighted and click the Document Number hyperlink (Column Title) to bring up the Sales Transaction Inquiry Zoom as shown below. Here you can view further information relating to the document (Note the date of the document for reference purposes).Once you have this window open, select Distributions:

Receivables Transaction Inquiry - Customer 3












Receivables Transaction Inquiry - Customer 4












5) The Sales Distribution Inquiry Zoom window will open and provide further details as to what accounts were hit for the specific documents. You should make note of these account numbers for the next step in the tracing process (In the example below, 00-1200-00 and 00-1300-00 are the two accounts affected):

Receivables Transaction Inquiry - Customer 5













6) Once you have noted down the account numbers, you can verify these accounts were affected by checking the specific account entry details within the Financial Module. Select Financial from the left navigation pane  and click Summary within the Inquiry window and enter one of the account numbers previously noted:

Receivables Transaction Inquiry - Customer 6















7) You will now be presented with a summary of entries for this specific account by month. Select the month in which the document was posted (For this example, the document was posted in November). Once the month is highlighted, select any of the four hyperlinks (Debit, Credit, New Change or Period Balance) to drill further into that month and view specific entries:

Receivables Transaction Inquiry - Customer 7














8) From here, you will notice the $300 that was debited to 00-1200-00 on November 20th, 2013 based on the original sales document being posted. This is confirmation the appropriate amounts were affected for the specific transaction

Praveen Parameshwaran, Application Specialist, WebSan Solutions, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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